The Most Famous Shipwrecks of All Time


Utnapishtim’s ark

Early Sumerian accounts of a cataclysmic flood predate the Bible’s Genesis story by a thousand years, but many details are similar. An angered deity wishes to destroy all that is on Earth but one family is selected to repopulate the planet.


Santa Maria

In 1492 Christopher Columbus spent 70 days sailing the Atlantic aboard his flagship named for the Virgin Mary. On Christmas Day of that year the ship was run aground when the cabin boy was allowed to steer it. Recently it was announced the shipwreck was found… but researchers don’t believe it. The podcast has more on why this ‘discovery’ is about as controversial as it’s pilot’s voyage to America.


Ra’s solar ships

Some of the most intact shipwrecks found were actually stored as ‘kits’ to be assembled in the afterlife for deceased pharaohs. These early designs are also compared to Phoenician examples found in the Mediterranean Sea. The podcast has more on what has been found and the cargos they traded some 4 thousand years ago.


It’s certainly the most recognized shipwreck ever, but what is Titanic’s significance? Ric Mixter dives into the story.