Ric with Cedarville survivor Ed Brewster

Ric with Cedarville survivor Ed Brewster

deep six: Great Lakes largest shipwrecks

Ric shares rare interviews with survivors from the largest shipwrecks on lakes Michigan, Huron and Erie. This lecture also includes a section on the 1913 Storm as well as a look at Superior’s largest wreck, the Edmund Fitzgerald. Featuring the stories behind the Carl D. Bradley, Daniel J. Morrell, Cedarville, William C Moreland and James Reed.


cutter rescues

The Great Lakes pioneered the world’s greatest cutters, beginning with the icebreaker Escanaba. That ship saved hundreds of lives before mysteriously exploding in the North Atlantic during World War II. Its two survivors were picked up by another Michigan-built cutter! Also featuring the rescue of the Nordmeer by a chopper pilot who flew the German survivors to the mighty Mackinaw. Sundew is also featured, with rare interviews with its former captain and corpsman.


safe ashore: the 1940 Storm

Lake Michigan’s worst storm is explored as Ric shares the only TV interviews ever recorded with crew members of the doomed Novadoc. Three freighters were destroyed by a storm that destroyed a suspension bridge as well. Featuring the first televised video of the William Davock, resting upside-down in 200 feet of water.